Saturday, May 5, 2007


In tribute to helping Odie get through his surgery, we come together to help support this special cause. Please take the time to read through Odie's story ...

photography by GAILE GUEVARA

IRIS & ODIE blk wht

photography by GAILE GUEVARA

Meet Odie introduction by IRIS TING

In June 2006, I had to say goodbye to my long time companion, Lassie. After losing him, I thought I would never be able to open my heart to another dog; I just couldn't bare the thought of losing another companion. That changed very quickly...

While working at the BC SPCA provincial office, I visited the Vancouver shelter where I met Odie and his 6 siblings. It was love at first site and we adopted him in November 2006. Since then, he has grown from 16lbs into a waist-high, 100 lb shedding machine! He's a mama's boy and the sweetest thing. I could not love him more. He's appeared on the cover of the BC SPCA's Bark! magazine and was the adorable puppy featured in the antifreeze campaign poster.

As he grew, we noticed that Odie ran like a bunny, keeping his back legs together while his front legs did all the work. When he played with other dogs and puppies, he was easily taken down and always flopping to the ground. Two months ago, Odie was diagnosed with hip dysplaysia. The only option for a dog his size to have a normal life was to have surgery and replace both hips. We were prepared for the surgeries to be costly but were shocked to find that the cost would be $11,000! We had a lot of people telling us we'd be crazy to do it, but for us, there was no other option.

Odie had his first hip replaced on June 5, 2007. The rehabilitation and recovery is long and extensive. But I am very fortunate to be surrounded by supportive friends and coworkers and most importantly a family that would never have allowed me to make any other choice.

Some friends have encouraged me to start this blogsite. I was hesitant; I couldn't just ask people for money to help my dog. But I was given a brilliant idea courtesy of my sister and after a few quick phone calls an idea to raise some money for Odie was born – the Help Hipless Odie Raffle. I hope that people will support his surgery and in turn have an opportunity to take home a lovely prize.

the Help Hipless Odie Raffle

Tickets are 1 for $10 or 3 for $20.

Prizes (updated AUGUST 10):

  • Two tickets to a 2007/2008 Vancouver Canucks game* - lower bowl, centre ice
  • Silver pendant with matching dog tag by Carey Newman
  • Pair of silver earings by Carey Newman
  • 2' x 3' wolf print by Carey Newman (framing no included)
    Gift basket from Three Dog Bakery (retail value over $50)
  • Gift basket from Big Dog Little Dog Bakery (retail value over $50)
  • Sonicare toothbrush - for humans! (retail value $175, courtesy of Dr. C. Tham)
  • Need for Speed Carbon & FIFA 2007 Soccer - XBOX 360 (Courtesy of "Winston" and "Zuzu" Maas)
  • $100 gift certificate towards a pet portrait by Odie's talented artist friend Christine Savella (
  • Golf excursion to Kamloops! One night stay at the Best Western plus a round of golf at the Dunes. (Courtesy of Odie's good friends Alan & Peter) plus a package of golf gear (umbrellas, shoe bags and towels courtesy Odie's new friend Graham!)
*Since the schedule has not been released, the game will be determined once it is.

Tickets will be sold until August 31, 2007. Winners will be drawn randomly and contacted on September 1, 2007.

If you would like to purchase raffle tickets, please contact Odie and I at You can PayPal your payment as well - log onto and the account address is Please email us at the same address if you send money via PayPal, we just need your name, mailing address and email/telephone number so we can contact you if you win!

September 2, 2007
The Help Hipless Odie Raffle has come to a close - this morning the winners were drawn in the fairest manner possible - all entries were crumpled into balls and placed in a large salad bowl. We originally folded them in half but discovered that they all stuck together and it didn't seem fair so crumpling seemed the best thing to do! With the bowl held above my head I drew the following winners:

Canucks tickets – Alan Woo

Pendant/Dog Tag – Lorie Chortyk

Golf Trip Kamloops – Calvin Tham

Earrings – Paul Wilby

Wolf print – Juneko Kurahashi

Toothbrush – Chris Dyson

$100 gift certificate for pet portrait – Shaunne O'Brien

EA games – Laila Hamelin

Three Dog Bakery - Craig Naherniak

Big Dog Little Dog – Darren Simms

Golf gear – Gale San Diego

Congrats to the winners and thank you to everyone that supported the Hipless Odie Raffle. I've been moved by so many. Friends that I haven't talked to in years, co-workers, friends and those that don't even know Odie and I. Thank you to the those that stepped forward and donated additional prizes. The goal was to raise $2,000 and in the end - $2,840 was raised! Thank you so much again for making this happen.

Odie went in for his x-ray and follow up appointment on Wednesday and after examing him and seeing his x-rays, Odie's doctor was pleased to with his progress and his implant has not shifted or been displaced. This right side (the unoperated side) had not changed or gotten worse since the very first x-ray. The doctor told us it was optional to do the other side! Apparently, 60% of people only replace one side, she never told us this. I guess she wanted us to be prepared for the worst? He's been cleared to proceed with his puppy life. She wants to see him again in June 2008 and we can re-assess if it's necessary to replace the right hip.

And just in case anyone was interested - his implant is made of chromium and titanium. Thank you so much again to everyone that supported Odie and has helped to make him One Heavy Metal Hip Odie!